Environmental Engineers

Our Expertise

Air Quality Permits

The Clean Air Act requires that air pollution be controlled to assure the protection of human health and the environment. New or existing emissions to the air released by utilities or manufacturing operations must receive approval by federal, state and local air pollution control agencies by issuance of an air quality permit. Wingra has extensive permit experience including project design to comply with emission control requirements, measuring and estimating emissions, evaluating impacts, and responding to public concerns.

Dispersion Modeling

A common tool for evaluating air pollution impacts is dispersion modeling. Wingra has conducted extensive modeling studies to determine environmental impacts and compliance with air quality standards. Results have been used to improve the design of a project to minimize impacts.

Environmental Compliance

Our extensive understanding of many industries and applicable environmental protection requirements allows us to determine if a facility is meeting all of its obligations and make recommendations for improvements to assure long-term success.

Periodic Reporting

To keep track of discharges, emissions and wastes periodic reports must be submitted to regulatory agencies. These public documents present the emissions, hazardous materials stored on-site, hazardous waste generation and water pollution discharges from a facility. Wingra has experience reviewing, preparing and improving the accuracy of these reports.

Regulatory Evaluation and Negotiation

There are numerous environmental protection laws, regulations and policies. Assuring compliance with these requirements is a full-time job. If you need help keeping your ship in order or find yourself not complying with applicable rules, we can help.

Expert Witness Services

Whether you need an independent opinion or support for litigation, we have extensive experience preparing expert reports and analyses for many industries and the general public.